Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wish You Would Tour

Gonzo here, yea it's been a while but I just hadn't had anything to say until now. First off let me talk about Live 8. Incredible show with a gaggle of incredible music artists. I am not sure how much this will effect the G8 but when Bob Geldof throws a party it is pretty evident that the whole world shows up. It is quite impressive that they were able to pull of such big shows at the same time all over the world and even though the African Artist leg was promoted by Peter Gabriel kudos all around for a quite impressive show.

Now onto the whole reason I tuned in. Pink Floyd. Man thy sounded good, it's quite impressive when a band can reunite after 25 years and play 4 of their hits perfectly like they never missed a beat. They sounded excellent and actually looked to be having a GOOD time.

So why not tour? I hear they were offered $200 million to tour the US. Why Not? End this silly Pink Floyd feud and get over your fucking selves. Give the world what it wants for once and shelve your egos. Look at the Who or what they call the Who these days. It's half a Who that's not Who if you ask me. Time to stop the whole Who thing. Have some class guys. Zeppelin did it right they never toured again and that was out of respect to Bonzo. The one reunion show? Live Aid, but no subsequent tour. Now I know you're thinking, "Page and Plant toured" but they aren't going as Led Zeppelin when they easily could have. Nope they lost their glue and moved on. Take a note Pete...

This is neither here nor there for Pink Floyd. They’re all still alive! They can't say they won't tour out of respect to Syd because they toured after Syd left so there's no leg to stand on there. Just buy the hatchet and overcharge for tickets and let the world experience you again for what should be one final time. it would make a nice Swan Song to an icon of rock and roll.

Incidentally I was doing some math the other day now dig this: the Rose Bowl holds roughly 100000 people. Figure that Floyd would do 3 shows = 300,000 people. You with me so far?Like arenas and football stadiums probably hold a few less so lets say the average is 75,000 per show and they did 300 shows in a year (100 cities roughly 3 shows per city) which still gives them 65 days off for the year. So roughly 22.5 million people get to see Floyd Floyd makes $200 million for the tour (without merchandising points mind you) So the cost per person to get the band in there is roughly $9.00 a person. ($8.88 to be exact). Figure in the ret ad the price of effects stages, stagehands et al and there is now way you can tell me this ticket is going to be worth anything near $100. Man the Clear Channel dildo is going to ream me once again as they do with all shows (not to mention Tickbastard and their convenience fee). if there were an inconvenient way to order tickets and waive the fee think we'd all do it.

Anyway this is all moot since David Gilmore announced that Floyd would not reunite for a reunion. Just can't check the egos at the door.


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