Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dev 2.0

The apocalypse is nigh!!!!

Dev 2.0 exists.

Let me explain for those who are uninformed. Take Devo and have them get fucked by barney the purple dinosaur with a dash of the mickey Mouse Club and there you have it Dev2.0.

your favorite Devo hits from the 80's redone by two 12 year olds.

The video for "whip it" features icing and whisks.

The cyanide pill looks like a better option every day.

the music industry is completely soulless and will do anything to make money.

This is no revelation, however the fact that the industry refuses to develop the product which allows it to thrive completely blows my mind.

It had a recipe for success and decided that the enormous sums of money they make weren't enough.

Greed killed music. Greed will eventually kill anything.

Call it what you want "overexpansion globalization whatever"

its all greed.




Warner Music

Universal Music


the list goes on and on and on.....

it just sickens me as someone who truly has a love affair with music. I associate poignant moments of my life with music. What songs go with what?

none of your fucking business.

I can't wait for all the 2.0 bands to come out (as the skies rip open with demons and wildebeests and our eternal souls melt into a block of smoldering humanity)

the Do2.0rs
M2.0tley Crue (though they kind of already are)
The Beatles 2.0
M2.0rresey (with 25% more androgyny)

the list goes on.

Riddle me this: How could something that pretends to be so nice and good and child driven like Disney be the most soulless entity on the planet.

Go listen to the classics. This planet of music is drying up fast.


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